privacy policy

before submitting any personal information to xsubc electronics, llc, please
carefully read the following privacy policy in its entirety. having had the opportunity
to read this privacy policy beforehand, if you then submit personal information to
xsubc electronics, llc through this website, you acknowledge your acceptance of, and
agree to be bound by, all of the following terms and conditions:

the following definitions apply to this privacy policy
1) the word "or" includes the word "and".
2) "xsubc" or "company" means xsubc electronics, llc, or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, or successors.
3) the word "website" means all of the text, graphics, images, videos, files, html code, documents, and
downloads, including, but not limited to, all of the product information, manuals, drawings, and software located on
web pages owned by xsubc.
4) the words "you" and "your" means any customer, client, user, or person accessing, browsing, or otherwise
using this website. if you are representing or acting on behalf of a corporation, partnership, trust, group, or other
entity, "you" and "your" extends to include that corporation, partnership, trust, group, or other entity.
5) "cookies" refers to small text files sent to your internet browser to keep track of your activity on this website.
6) "contact information" is your name and any associated shipping address, billing address, email address, and
telephone number.
7) "customer information" includes your username, password, products purchased, and all contact information.
8) "browser history" refers to all web pages viewed, data transfers made, ip (internet protocol) addresses used,
internet browsers used, and operating systems used by you with respect to your activity on this website.

what is the effective date of this privacy policy?
this privacy policy is effective as of october 1, 2020.

what information does xsubc collect?
whenever you visit this website, xsubc may collect information about which pages you viewed, data transfers
made, your ip address, internet browser used, and operating system, collectively referred to as browser history,
which may be date and time stamped. this information may be limited depending on your internet browser's or
security software's settings. to learn more about these settings, please review the help menus included with your

to help keep track of your activities on this website, xsubc may also make use of internet cookies. please note
that your internet browser may need to be set to accept cookies in order to access some areas of, or use some
features on, this website. to learn more about these settings, please review the help menus included with your

xsubc also collects and maintains order history databases containing your name, username, password, products
purchased, shipping addresses, billing addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers, which xsubc
collectively refers to as customer information. your name, along with the shipping addresses, billing addresses,
email addresses, and telephone numbers are also separately referred to as contact information. you are
responsible for informing xsubc of any changes to your contact information.

even though on-line orders are packed and shipped from xsubc facilities, all on-line credit card transactions are
processed by a separate credit card processor. as such, xsubc does not retain credit card information in its
computer system after an order is processed.

what will happen if you give false or misleading information?
you are strictly prohibited from using any false or misleading contact information or payment information, and, if
xsubc suspects you of committing these or other acts of fraud, your account may be terminated and all of the
information collected about you will be turned over to law enforcement for possible prosecution.
for possible prosecution.

what does xsubc do with the information it collects?
the browser history is used to help xsubc improve the website to better serve you in the future, as well as prevent
possible service interruptions or computer system attacks against xsubc.

customer information is used to process each order, and may also be used to send you product catalogs and
other sales literature. if you do not wish to receive this product information, you may opt out when placing your

contact information is used by xsubc to contact you, if the need arises, regarding your order, payments, or

xsubc does not sell, trade, rent, lease, or share customer information or contact information with unaffiliated third
or contact information with unaffiliated third
parties, but may release your information to law enforcement officials: if ordered to do so by a court order,
subpoena, or warrant; to satisfy applicable laws; or to protect or defend the rights, interests, or property of xsubc.

how does xsubc protect the information?
xsubc maintains computer security measures to protect your information by making use of cybersecurity software,
firewalls, and other security technology, however, please note that no database is completely hack-proof, and as
such, by submitting your information to xsubc, you do so at your own risk.

therefore, xsubc assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages or losses
(actual, intangible, economic, or otherwise) for any security breach into its computer
system or its credit card processor's computer system.

if xsubc experiences a breach in security, xsubc will take what it feels are necessary steps in working with law
enforcement to prosecute those individuals responsible for the unlawful access.

similarly, you are also responsible for maintaining the privacy of your information. as such, please be aware that,
despite whatever computer security measures xsubc has in place, xsubc has no control over, and is not
responsible for, the security of public or third party networks, therefore if you send your information over such
networks, you do so at your own risk, whether or not you are aware of being connected to, or linked through, such
networks. also, you are responsible for keeping your username and password confidential. do not share your
username or password with others. any orders received using your username and password will be considered to
have been placed and authorized by you. contact xsubc immediately if you believe your username or password
have been stolen.

where will the information be processed?
all of the databases maintained by xsubc will be located at its principle place of business in the united states.
however, xsubc also uses outside web hosting services and credit card processors whose servers are also located
within the united states.

how can you review or change your information?
if you would like to review or change any of the information that xsubc maintains about you, please contact xsubc
by email at admin@xsubc.com. since emails are not considered a secure form of communications, if you
prefer, you can also use postal mail to make your request to:
xsubc electronics, llc
p.o. box 417
mount arlington, nj 07856-0417

please specify in your request what information you want to review or change. xsubc will respond to reasonable
requests within appropriate time limits. to verify your identity, xsubc may ask for additional information. xsubc
reserves the right to limit or deny requests to review or change information to the extent permitted by applicable

what is spoofing and phishing?
xsubc will never call or email you to request personal information, including credit card numbers, usernames, or
passwords. this activity is known as spoofing and phishing, and you should never respond to such requests.
however, if there is a problem with your order, we will contact you, and, for security reasons, will instruct you to
call xsubc by first looking up the company telephone number on this website, therefore you will know which
telephone number you called. since emails are not considered a secure form of communications, private or
personal information should never be sent using email.

how long does xsubc retain the information?
browser history records are only retained by xsubc temporarily (typically less than one year). in order to keep
track of product and sales history, customer information is retained indefinitely, and will survive any termination of
the relationship between you and xsubc.

what happens when you leave the xsubc website?
this privacy policy only covers web pages owned by xsubc. therefore, when you leave to go to another site, you
will be subject to the terms and policies outlined by that site's owner.

is there separate privacy protection for children?
this website is not directed at, nor targeted toward, children. any use of this website by minors (under 18 years of
age) must be done so under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult (18 years of age
or older) with the parent's or guardian's full knowledge and permission.

in accordance with the children's online privacy protection act (coppa) of the united states, and other applicable
laws, if a parent or guardian suspects that their child's personal information was submitted to, or collected by,
xsubc, they should contact xsubc immediately by email at admin@xsubc.com or, if they prefer, since emails
are not considered a secure form of communications, alternately through postal mail at:
xsubc electronics, llc
p.o. box 417
mount arlington, nj 07856-0417

include the child's contact information, and xsubc will take the necessary steps to remove their contact information
from company databases.

what laws govern this privacy policy?
you agree that the laws of the state of new jersey, and of the united states of america, shall govern all matters
arising out of or relating to this privacy policy, and that any action, suit, or other legal proceedings commenced to
resolve any matter arising between you and xsubc with regard to this privacy policy shall only be done so in a
court of the state of new jersey or, if appropriate, a federal court located within new jersey, and all parties
involved consent to the jurisdiction of such a court.

what about severability with regard to this privacy policy?
if a clause, sentence, paragraph, section, provision, or statement contained herein is found by a court of competent
jurisdiction to be legally invalid, in whole or in part, the rest of the privacy policy shall remain in effect.

is this the complete privacy policy?
the statements presented herein represent the complete xsubc privacy policy, and even though the terms of use,
limited warranty, and product liability policies (accessible through the 'legal notices' link on the home page)
detail other legal obligations and responsibilities, which may include the transfer or collection of customer
information or contact information through means other than this website, such as warranty cards or service
repairs, all customer information and contact information submitted to, or collected by, xsubc will be protected in
accordance with this privacy policy. as such, it is your responsibility to also completely review the terms of use,
limited warranty, and product liability policies as well.

this privacy policy details specific legal rights. you may have other rights which vary
from state-to-state or country-to-country that append, amend, limit, disallow, or
otherwise alter specific provisions within this privacy policy.

what if the privacy policy is changed or i have questions?
xsubc reserves the right to change this privacy policy, or any other xsubc policy, at any time without notice. your
continued use of this website after any changes have been made will constitute your continued agreement to the
revised privacy policy. therefore, frequent visitors to this website should periodically review this privacy policy for
changes. the effective date shown above will be changed whenever major revisions are made to this privacy

if you have questions or comments regarding this website, this privacy policy, or any other xsubc terms and
conditions, please email us at admin@xsubc.com or through postal mail at:
xsubc electronics, llc
p.o. box 417
mount arlington, nj 07856-0417

copyright (c) 2006-2020 by xsubc electronics, llc. all rights reserved.
before using this website you must read and agree with the terms of use and
privacy policy. before buying anything from xsubc electronics, llc you must
read and agree with the product liability and limited warranty terms and conditions.
all of these are accessible through the ‘legal notices' link above or on the home page.
"xsubc" is a registered trademark of xsubc electronics, llc. "xsubc electronics",
"excitement in electronics", "enhanced equipment solutions", and the "xc" logo are all
trademarks of xsubc electronics, llc. prices, specifications, and availability are subject
to change without notice. xsubc does not ship products internationally at this time.

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